What we need to know about toilets

Like the bathroom, the toilet is an important part of the house and its decoration is very important in the house. To have a stylish and modern bathroom. and create a beautiful decoration, try to use the complete toilet set. Set means toilet, bidet, sink, tub, shower, faucets and bathroom accessories.

Types of toilets in terms of appearance

Freestanding toilets are produced in different forms and designs according to people’s needs. Square and round models can be mentioned among the most popular types. Meanwhile, some brands have designed and produced modern shapes and sometimes classic shapes. which is beautiful in its own way and covers the tastes of people according to age and gender.

Dimensions and sizes

In terms of dimensions, the bathroom toilets have their own standards. In general, the width of most toilets in the world is around 36.5 to 37 cm. Depending on the type of toilet, their length varies between 54 cm and 72 cm. Because the seat and door are placed on the toilet pan. The useful space used is about 30 to 33 centimeters. Therefore, depending on the space we have in the bathroom and depending on the people who are going to use the toilet. We can have a suitable choice in terms of dimensions.

Ergonomics is the most basic issue

Ergonomics is one of the most basic issues in choosing a bathroom toilet. These standards differ depending on the countries that make them. Basically, different countries follow these standards according to the taste, height and general stature of the country’s people. Therefore, paying attention to ergonomics is considered an important matter, which is often not taken into account, according to the length of use of the toilet.

Types of Farangi toilets in terms of materials (durability and strength)

Furangi toilets are made of different materials according to the application and place of use. The most common type of material in terms of personal hygiene is ceramic with glaze. Glaze and ceramic production technology is different in different companies. Also, the thickness of the glaze and the glazing locations in the toilet have an effect on the price and of course their beauty and use. Precisely because you have been using the toilet for years. You should check the outer and inner material used in the toilet. Both of them play a role in keeping the components of the toilet together and determine the strength and durability of the toilet over time.

Low consumption and compatible with the environment

The best toilets on the market today are flush toilets. which help to preserve the environment with optimal water consumption and the use of high-quality materials. Some brands produce toilet bowls with antibacterial glaze. which keeps everything completely hygienic and clean for the next person to use. Duravit and Sinitra toilets are of this category. Because they consume less water during emptying and their ceramic glaze is such that they need the least cleaning agent for washing.

Types of Farangi toilets in terms of emptying and washing

The early toilets were flushed with a vortex draining the water from the tank. Of course, the evacuation was not done completely and caused many problems. Therefore, in the new series, this method is no longer used to empty the toilets.

In general, emptying the toilets or washing the bowl from the built-in cisterns, which is called rime. Or it is done by jet washing. In both methods, water is drained from the tank by means of a mechanism built in the tank from the networks built in the upper areas of the toilet pan, and in addition to completely washing the bowl, it also provides the appropriate pressure for emptying.


More than 80% of toilets have the classic white color. But there are also European companies that produce toilets with today’s favorite colors. Among these, we can mention Sinitra Italy. Sunitra company has offered its wall-hung (wall) and back-towel toilets in different colors and designs. The use of unique colors and of course compatible with 90% of ceramics in the world has made it possible. So that this brand has a good position among interior designers and architects. Also, the combination of these colors in the contrast created with other bathroom elements such as faucets and bathroom accessories gives a special effect to the bathroom environment.

Seat and toilet door

One of the important components in choosing a toilet is the pan. Because the pen is in direct contact with water and other materials. Therefore, it is recommended to choose toilets with suitable and thick glaze in this part. Pan is usually designed and made in square, oval and circular shapes and asymmetrical sizes. Depending on the type of modern and classic design, you can choose the pen shape.

From the point of view of body ergonomics, oval and square pen toilets are more acceptable and popular than other shapes in terms of ease of use. Forms such as round are often used for small toilets and mainly for children. It is clear that if your service area does not allow the use of other toilets. It is recommended to choose round toilets because of their smaller size. Oval and square toilets, although they occupy more space. But they provide more seating space and are often more suitable for countries that use the sun tap and hose for washing.

One of the important components in choosing a seat and toilet door

Another important component in choosing a toilet seat and door is paying attention to its hinges and installation screws. Basically, toilet doors are produced in two types, soft and regular. Recently, some doors have been designed to be easy to remove. which is very important for washing and cleaning the bathroom. Sinitra Italy is one of the first companies. In these products, it uses hinges with the ability to adjust the speed of door closing and seating (slower or faster). This feature allows you to adjust and operate your toilet door at your desired speed.

Types of Farangi toilets in terms of design structure

Naturally, many French toilets have specific consumers, while others are mass-produced for the use of many people. Take a look at the list below to see which type of toilet is right for you.

Generally, there are two main designs for toilets.

Wall mounted toilet
Ground toilet

A: Wall mounted toilets (Walhang)

Today, wall-hung toilets are structurally more popular than regular or floor-standing toilets. Because in addition to being beautiful, they have a smaller volume and dimensions than ground toilets. This will provide you with more service space for service traffic. The tank of this type of toilet is placed inside the bathroom wall during construction and these toilets are screwed on the chassis of the tank. So you only see the toilet bowl in the service. The draining system is done through the siphon placed in the wall and the switches placed on the wall. These toilets are in terms of their distance from the ground. and there is easy access to the space below it, they are among the popular toilets.

B: Floor toilets

Ground toilets are divided into 3 types

One-piece ground toilets

One-piece toilets are called toilets. that the tank and pen are molded in one piece. Therefore, structurally, they will have more weight. And the sewer pipe is made of ceramic and usually the diameter of this pipe is 6 cm. Most of the toilets that have fixed AC are in this group. Ax is the distance from the center of the sewage outlet pipe installed on the floor to the wall behind the toilet.

Therefore, before buying a toilet, measure the distance from the bottom of the toilet in your home to the center of the drain valve. This will give you the approximate size of the drain. In most cases, this is 12 inches (30 cm). which is the standard distance. Most toilets sold in home improvement stores. can be installed in the place of the toilet that has a standard size of 30 cm; There is a difference of 2.5 cm. That is, if your measurement is between 27.5 and 32.5. You can use standard models of toilets. But if the distance of the drain pipe to the wall is 25 or 35 cm. You should choose a toilet that matches this distance.

Two-piece floor-standing toilet

French two piece toilets are mostly European toilets. that the tank and pen are located separately and are installed together during installation. In this sense, these types of toilets occupy less space. And the diameter of their outlet sewer pipe is usually 10 cm. Most of the toilets that have variable axes are in this group. Usually, these toilets can be installed from 10 cm to 33 cm. Most of the two-piece floor toilets with horizontal sewage outlet allow users to install the outlet both horizontally and vertically. If the sewer outlet is located on the wall. The outlet pipe can be installed from 7 cm to 17 cm. If the sewage outlet is placed vertically on the ground. The service outlet pipe will be adjustable between 16 cm and 30 cm.

back to wall floor toilet

A back-to-wall toilet is a type of toilet. The flush tank is hidden inside the wall and the toilet pan is on the floor and connected to the wall. The advantage of the back-to-wall toilet is that it occupies less space, is more beautiful, and also has a higher level of hygiene than the usual toilets.

One-piece toilets are more expensive. And they are easier to install than the two-piece model, but they are easier to clean because they have less gaps. But in terms of functionality, both are almost the same.

Types of washing or flushing systems

In the past, the flushing system was done with plastic flappers. Over time, new and more effective washing systems have been invented to maximize effectiveness and performance with minimal water consumption. And that is very good. But the problem is that now there are many different models for flushing toilets. Each of which has its own advantages. This variety makes it difficult to find the best toilet for you. Toilets that have a pressurized flush system use less water than gravity toilets.

Single mode tank

Single-mode toilets have one button to flush, so they use a lot of water each time they flush. Newer toilets have two-way siphons.

Two-way tank

Farangi toilets that have two-mode siphons. They provide you with a place to use less or more water depending on your needs. In two-mode siphons, two buttons above the tank are used. One is used to wash liquid waste. and the other is designed to discharge solid waste. The advantage of the two-mode flush is that less water is used. Because in many cases strong flash is not needed. Various brands of flash tanks are available in the market. But a limited number of these brands have a good history and efficiency.

The price of French toilets

Before choosing any feature, it is better to start with a certain cost because whatever you choose should be in line with your budget.

All the things stated above show that there is no cheap price without reason and no expensive price without wisdom. Therefore, before comparing the prices of products, it is suggested to pay attention to their components as well as the standards and reliable suppliers to obtain services.

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