What are building sanitary ware?

Getting to know building sanitary ware


To the set of accessories that are used after the completion of the building for the health, comfort and personal hygiene of people in the home environment. They say building sanitary ware.

Today, construction factories in the country are not inferior to similar foreign brands in terms of quality and variety. Rather, in many cases, they have reasonable prices, better quality, and better after-sales services. Obviously, by buying domestic products and supporting domestic manufacturers, we can improve this industry in the country.

Drawing of health facilities :

In order to draw maps of sanitary facilities, while familiarizing with the symbols of sanitary appliances of the building, the placement of these appliances in sanitary groups of the building such as: kitchen, bathroom, toilet and washroom is determined. After that, how to draw hot and cold water piping, return water, sewage piping, ventilation and rain water piping will be explained.

Allowed distance between sanitary items :

For better use of sanitary equipment, there should be a proper distance between each sanitary equipment and the walls around the sanitary equipment and the adjacent equipment.

Building sanitary ware

It includes ancillary equipment that are used after the completion of the building for the health, health and comfort of the building’s residents. Also, these appliances can play an important role in beautifying and cleaning the desired places of the building. Considering their widespread use, they must have good and high quality and efficiency. These sanitary ware are placed in places such as the kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

Toilet parts

Sanitary facilities can include parts such as toilets, bathrooms and washrooms. Each of these parts needs essential accessories and accessories, such as sinks, bathroom and toilet faucet sets, toilets, siphons, etc. Like the bathroom, the kitchen also needs sanitary appliances such as sinks and faucets. The presence of these appliances is important and necessary for every home and place. Because the biggest advantage of using this equipment is to help clean our surroundings and prevent the spread of diseases due to the accumulation of dirty water and the accumulation of microbes.

Where can you get the necessary hygiene items?

There are many companies that are active in the sale and distribution of building sanitary ware. Also, there are factories in our country that are not inferior to similar foreign brands in terms of quality and variety in the production of building sanitary ware. Rather, in many cases, they have a reasonable price and even better quality and more favorable after-sales service. And for sure, the biggest help to get rid of domestic producers can be the purchase of domestic products, which will make this industry in our country even better.

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