Everything about the Iranian toilet

The Iranian toilet (traditional toilet), which is also known as the Asian toilet and the oriental toilet, is used in a sitting position. Iranian toilet models and designs are different. But they all have a hole in the ground in common.

These toilets are usually made of sanitary porcelain. Sometimes designs with stainless steel are also seen in the market. In recent years, new models of Iranian toilets with ergonomic and medical design have been produced, which have more advantages than the simple model. One thing that should be known about ceramic toilet bowls is that it is better that their ceramics have a transparent glaze, without waves and also without any unevenness.

Advantages of Iranian toilet

Advantages: In the Iranian toilet or the oriental toilet or the Asian toilet, the thigh muscles put pressure on the abdomen (sigmoid colon). This low pressure makes the act of defecation easy, when pressure is applied to the sigmoid, the intestine is completely emptied, and the defecation takes place from the end of the spleen to the end of the anus at once. Also, this weight puts pressure on the bladder and causes it to be discharged.

On the other hand, due to easy and complete bowel emptying, constipation is reduced. In the squatting position, one does not apply much pressure to defecate. For this reason, injuries to the pelvis and hemorrhoids are very few. And finally, due to the lack of skin contact, skin diseases, fungi, herpes, etc. are not transmitted.

Disadvantages of Iranian toilets

Disadvantages: sitting on the toilet stone is not as easy as the toilet. Sitting, especially for a long time, causes pressure on the joints, knees and lower body. For this reason, people who have a history of arthritis or joint pain should not use Iranian toilets. Also, the use of this toilet is not recommended for elderly and pregnant people. Iranian toilet needs constant care and cleaning for cleanliness and hygiene.

Important points about Iranian toilets

When using the Iranian toilet, sit correctly so as not to put pressure on the spine.
It is wrong to put towels and toothbrushes in the bathroom because they are exposed to toxic fumes.

Installation of an Iranian toilet siphon

Installing an Iranian toilet siphon is one of the main parts of the plumbing and toilet systems of homes. If the installation of this section is not done correctly, it will cause many problems. To install this part, you should get help from an installer or an expert in this field. Because many failures may occur with improper installation.

Iranian toilet bowl installation training

The bathroom is one of the important parts of the house, and neglecting the correct installation of its components can be a problem for you. To install an Iranian toilet bowl, you must follow some points so that you don’t get into trouble. These points include:

The surface of the toilet bowl should be equal to the floor of the toilet.

The longitudinal axis of the Iranian toilet stone should not be facing the Qiblah.
The toilet bowl should be at least 30 cm away from the wall.
The insulation of the bathroom floor under the toilet stone must be done completely.
The bottom of the toilet stone must be filled with materials and soft sand.

Iranian bathroom interior decoration

Basic interior decoration for any space has a significant effect on the beauty of that part. This issue also applies to the interior decoration of the Iranian bathroom. You can arrange your bathroom by using elements suitable for each of the decoration styles.

Advantages of Arsha Saram Iranian toilet bowl with siphon

Easy installation due to the removal of the siphon system
There is always a glass of clean water in the siphon. If things fall into it, it can be easily removed without getting contaminated and dirty.
After using and pulling the tonic flash handle, no pollution is observed
The ugliness seen in normal toilets is not seen in this type of toilet.
Save water consumption significantly
Preventing the entry of insects such as cockroaches
No odor from the well.

The difference between a French and an Iranian toilet

Using foreign and Iranian toilets has different advantages and disadvantages. Constant use of Iranian toilets causes damage to leg joints, knee pain and back pain. The use of frangipani is not harmless and its excessive use is very harmful in terms of digestion and skin health.

Converting an Iranian toilet to a foreign one

If you intend to convert your Iranian toilet into a foreign toilet for any reason, there are several solutions. The first and easiest solution is to use a ready-made or folding toilet. Also, you can convert your Iranian toilet to Ferangi by destroying it or without destroying it.

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